Why are bitcoins so hard to get?

What’s the deal with btc? Can I get btc for free? Can I work for btc? What can I sell for btc? Where can I purchase btc? How can I purchase btc? Why would I want to?  Man, these bitcoins are tricky. Too be honest, that’s the main reason I’m interested. Who doesn’t crave the unobtainable? Fortunately, with a little bit of gumption, we can get our hands on some ‘coin.

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There are a number of reputable sites out there supplying btc for slightly more than it’s worth. This is ideal for those wanting to spend their stash right away and, ultimately, the easiest way to get any decent amount of ‘coin. Some have had luck asking for donations, but this is a shot in the dark if you’re looking to shop. You can mine for btc if you have access to the hardware, but the odds of profitability are pretty low if you’re not willing to invest big money. In many cases, bitcoin miners will cost more in electricity than they will earn mining blocks. The chosen few are able to work for btc online, and a good handful of people earn spare change doing odd jobs, but unless you’re a programmer you’re not likely to earn much. All the faucets and pay-per-visit sites are a waste of time, don’t bother with them unless you want to make the equivalent of about one penny (USD) a day. To be fair, this is not a bad way to familiarize yourself with bitcoins.

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